WELLNESS: It’s a popular term today. Anything from diet pills to cosmetic surgery can be loosely associated with wellness. Unfortunately this misuse often causes the public to lose sight of the importance of the term which means:

(Noun) the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

We believe that of the five senses we experience, hearing is the most essential to our wellness. Why? Hearing is essential in balance and spatial perspective and provides audible cues for our safety. And even more importantly, it engages us mentally and emotionally with our world unlike any other emotion. This connection keeps our minds sharp and delays the onset of dementia. It keeps us emotionally stable by keeping us in touch with family and friends and 1 nature. It truly affects our physical and mental health for the sake of our overall well being.

That’s why we are so committed to providing to everyone, particularly those 50 years and older, a complete hearing evaluation at no charge to the patient as a baseline in your health care.

That’s why we provide custom made hearing protection. Made in our office and ready to use in just a few hours and designed to protect your valuable hearing sense.

That’s why, if patient’s test shows a hearing deficit that cannot be treated medically, we provide a wide array of quality digital hearing devices. We are very interested in your hearing health and your wellness.